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DDoS Complexity

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks may not be increasing in volume at any notable rate, but surveys have shown the complexity of these types of attacks have grown rapidly.

The packet flood attacks used to rely on bandwidth volume to attack but now sites are seeing more and more multi vector and application layer methods to attack. In 2012, 46% of all DDoS attacks used multi-layer techniques, a significant increase in the previous years 27%. Hackers and cyber criminals appear to be more often targeting victims through application layer angles than traditional methods.

The largest DDoS attack was recorded in 2010 at a speed of 100Gbps, in 2012 the highest rate was recorded at 60Gbps.

Not only is the angle of attack changing, but the targets also. Data centres and cloud services are increasingly falling victim to DDoS attacks, with ecommerce and online gaming being the most common targets.

Along with the increase in DDoS complexity, the percentage of DNS infrastructure attacks have more than doubled in the last year alone.


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