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Dell Bids Coming to a Close

The sale of computer manufacturer Dell is due to come to a conclusion this Friday, after a 45 day bidding period.

The Texan based company opened up to offers in the middle of February and despite the demise in business since the tablet movement, many have labelled the current bids as undervaluing the company. The highest bid, at $13.65 per share comes from Dell’s founder Michael Dell. The founder and a group of investors, including the companies CEO have placed the current winning bid of £16 billion.

Shares in Dell dropped significantly at the end of 2012, this has been put down to the increase in tablet computer sales, this was highlighted around the Christmas season. The company is however on the rise again with investments in other technologies and components that will significantly increase profit margins.

Other investors have 5 days to get their winning bids in, there are rumours that Blackstone Group may be placing a late bid to compete with Dells offer.


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