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Developer Preview of IE11 for Windows 7

Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 has been released as a developer preview, meaning that IE11 may be seen in Windows 7 computers in the not too distant future.

The preview version has all the performance and security features you’ll find in Windows 8.1, the OS that has launched IE11. The increased speed is due to change in the way the browser de-codes JPG images. In IE11, the decoding is done natively in real time and the text is rendered on the GPU, this makes for speedier page downloads and less memory use.

Internet Explorer 11 also brings improved HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Developers will see a more friendly browser due to the F12 tools being redesigned.

Overall the preview is faster and supports all the required standards.  A release date for the 700 million Windows 7 users worldwide will be announced in due course.



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