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Disaster Recovery – Are you ready?

Disaster recovery is a vital part of any business IT policy. Plans and infrastructure must be in place to protect your company data in the event of a disaster. They can happen at any time and can come in many forms. You need to ensure you’re prepared for the worst and that as much information is protected if a disaster situation was to hit.

So how can you best prepare your business for a Disaster Recovery?

Firstly, you need to ensure that you have multiple backups that cannot be affected by the same disaster. Ask yourself, can your remote backup be affected by the same disaster that’s destroyed your primary infrastructure? This is why location and the question of onsite or offsite are incredibly important factors to consider when implementing an IT infrastructure and a DR plan.

Secondly, has your disaster recovery solution been designed and built to ensure adherence to application recovery objectives. Ie, RPO (recovery point objective) and RTO (recovery time objective)?

You also need to ensure your DR plan is documented, backed up and easily accessible. Your staff need to be aware of this plan/policy and make sure that any employees that will be directly involved in the process are familiar with it.

Lastly, once the DR infrastructure is in use will your users be able to connect to all their resources? If not then rethink, it’s essential all applications, programs and resources are available so your business can continue.

An audit of your Disaster Recovery infrastructure and policy will answer these questions.

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