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Firms based in the UK could soon be able to register .uk domains for their websites.

Non-profit body Nominet, that is responsible for overseeing all addresses ending are proposing the new domain. There would be a higher fee and companies would have to provide evidence that their company was based in the UK.

Hundreds of other domains are also being created as part of a separate expansion by Icann (Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers). Businesses, homes and individuals would be able to create .home .shop and .play addresses.

There are fears that businesses will feel obliged to register new addresses to protect their brand identity, this would incur additional costs.  The wholesale price per .uk address would be £20 a year, this is a considerable increase compared to the biennial £5 fee for a site. It is unknown exactly how much this would increase to once domain registration businesses have added their costs.

The new domain would include extra security features to reduce cybercrime. All .uk sites would be DNSSEC signed (Domain Name Systems Security Extentions) to prevent domain hijacking and ensure you reach the site you intended to.

Nominets director of operations stressed that the proposal for .uk domains is  “not a money making exercise” and that  profits would be put back into an independent trust to invest in improving internet security and access.

The consultation surrounding the proposal will run for 3 months. For more info and updates visit Nominet.


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