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The importance of end to end encryption for all communications

In recent news Ed Snowden has called for “enterprises to make more use of end to end encryption to protect data from being intercepted”.

Signal Networks understands secure communications between enterprise networks, businesses and partners, and corporations and mobile workers is now more important than ever.  Signal Networks will always ensure your data is protected and recommends end to end encryption as standard practice.

When using a VPN your connection is vulnerable to being intercepted by hackers.  Using SSL, a protocol for transmitting private documents via the Internet, and heavily encrypted ISPec tunnels, which authenticates and encrypts each IP packet of a communication, Signal Networks can assist in protecting your information from theft.

This protocol encrypts your data, making extremely difficult to be understood by hackers and, integrated with other security features such as firewalls, antivirus, web filtering and intrusion prevention, strengthens your network security.

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End to end encryption

End to end encryption


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