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England’s National Parks to Receive Improved Mobile Phone Coverage

Following an agreement with EE, O2, Three and Vodaphone, England’s national parks are to get an improved mobile phone coverage.

The network operators havepledged to minimise the “adverse landscape effects” of any new infrastructure and will be working closely with the National Parks England director to ensure any new masts needed are “sensitively located and sensitively designed”.

This agreement is designed to tackle so-called “notspots” – areas in which there is no mobile coverage whatsoever.  It is reported over 330,000 people live in the parks covering almost 10% of England.

The National Parks England director said some new masts may be built to strengthen mobile signal in the natural environments.

Currently, the radio waves that carry mobile phone signals are often obstructed by the terrain in national parks and can be affected by stone buildings, which are harder to penetrate.

The new agreement outlines plans for “mast-sharing, site-sharing, and any other technical advances” that would help protect the areas’ environment while increasing connectivity.

The Mobile Operators Association’s said “Operators have worked well with National Parks England to ensure that the benefits of mobile connectivity reach communities in these beautiful parts of our country and help them survive and thrive in the 21st Century.”


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