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ESET partners up with DESlock Encryption for Enhanced Protection

Antivirus provider ESET has teamed up with DESlock encryption to provide antivirus protection with a compatible encryption service. The new partnership will offer a seamless solution to a wide variety of existing and new clients.

DESLock offers a user friendly, reliable encryption service to SME’s and large enterprises to protect against data breaches and leaks.

The three DESlock encryption services will now be available through ESET to offer an integrated antivirus and encryption service from one provider. The product is available in three versions – Essentials, Standard and Pro Edition. The DESlock encryption product will offer users encryption of full disks, removable media, portable DESlock Go, file and folder, clipboard and virtual disks. DESlock will also offer an add on to provide encryption in Outlook. All of these services are managed through an easy to use centralised management system.

Find out more information about DESlock here.


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