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Finger Print Reader for iPhone 5S

Photographs of what is rumoured to be the iPhone 5S casing have been leaked by French tech site

The images show a space in the casing that was not present in previous versions of the iPhone.  The mystery gap is located directly next to the home button. Due to the location of the space, experts are suggesting that this may be where a finger print reader could be placed.  A finger print feature has been rumoured for the iPhone 6, but the leaked images suggest this could be coming a model earlier.

What we know for definite is that the 5S will see an improved camera and faster processor along with running the latest iOS7 operating system. The new iPhone is also expected to be available in a wider selection of colours than the standard black or white that has been available for the last few models.

The iPhone 5S is expected to be revealed on September 10th , with a release date towards the end of 2013.


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