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Finger Print Sensors for Android

Photographs of what appear to be an HTC finger print sensor have been leaked, suggesting that Android could be the next operating system to introduce a finger print reader feature.

Biometric security measures, despite receiving criticism since the release of the iPhone 5S, do have their place. A finger print is completely unique to each user, you cannot guess a person’s finger print like you can guess their favourite food, children’s names or lucky number. That fact in itself provides a huge amount of security.

The iPhone 5S, released just a few weeks ago has received criticism surrounding where users fingerprint data is stored and who has access to it. The Android finger print reader however is being backed by FIDO, a group of 48 companies who want to implement a universal standard for such technologies. Member include Paypal and Google who want to create a biometric sensor that meets a high security benchmark, something the iPhone 5S doesn’t comply with.

It’s expected that compliant fingerprint sensors in Android devices will be available in HTC, Samsung and other Android OS devices as soon as the beginning of 2014.


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