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Firefox’s Built in PDF Viewier

Firefox PDF viewer

The latest version of Mozilla’s web browser Firefox includes a built in PDF viewer, meaning no need for plug in’s from companies such as Adobe which are often targets for online attacks.

Both Adobe Reader and FoxIt have fallen fail to security breaches in recent months. Firefox’s move to provide an open source PDF document viewer as part of the 19.0 version browser was added to the standard build yesterday. Now all updated Firefox users will no longer need to install a 3rd party plug in in order to view PDFs online.

Using a built in viewer will see a faster response time when loading and rendering and should also cause less security threats, a problem that has persisted in most other 3rd party PDF viewers.

The software, PDF.js is written in JavaScript and HTML5. The benefit of using a multi-platform viewer is that PDFs will be viewable on multiple devices, from computers through to smart phones and tablets.


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