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Firms embrace the cloud, but are they leaving IT support to chance?

A recent IT Donut survey suggests that although 2012 could be the year smaller firms show real enthusiasm for cloud computing and mobile working, many businesses are neglecting an altogether more essential part of their business IT.

The business technology survey ran across the five Donut websites and was completed by 672 businesses, 82% of which classed themselves as ‘small’. Out of all respondents, 60% said they planned to invest in technology in 2012.

The cloud takes hold

The survey shows that the gradual shift of IT services to the internet via cloud computing will accelerate in 2012.Of the companies that said they plan to invest in technology, half said they’d be looking to adopt cloud technologies in some way.

Companies attracted by the cloud’s low up-front costs and innate flexibility face a growing choice of cloud computing options. Many are opting to shift applications like their accounting system to the cloud. Others have chosen to replace ageing in-house servers with internet-based cloud hosting.

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