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Further 12 UK Cities to Offer Super-Fast Broadband

In the UK’s bid to become the world leader in super-fast broadband the government have revealed a further 12 cities that will receive funding to boost their broadband speeds.

Back in September the government announced that 10 of the larger UK cities would be granted as much as £25million to give homes and businesses in their areas speeds of up to 100Mbps.

Bristol was granted £11.3million, with the remaining £103million divided between London, Leeds, Bradford, Belfast, Edinburgh, Manchester, Cardiff, Birmingham and Newcastle.

Now the government has revealed the next 10 cities to receive funding to bring the UK up to speed are Aberdeen, Brighton, Cambridge, Coventry, Derby, Londonderry, Newport, Oxford, Perth, Portsmouth and York.

How the £50million is to be split has not yet been announced.

By 2015 the UK aims to offer the fastest broadband network in Europe.


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