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Future Cities Grant for Bristol

The Future Cities Fund that was won by Glasgow back in January has been re-assessed by its creators, the Technology Strategy Board, to award the 3 runners up of the competition grants to implement their proposed systems.

Bristol missed out on the £24million winning prize and title of UKs most advanced digital city to Glasgow. But now Bristol, London and Peterborough will be granted £3million each following a review by the TSB who have blogged that the change of heart is due to the quality of the runners up applications.

Bristol’s bid, headed by independent mayor George Ferguson proposed creating a Citywide Living Lab that would address four different areas of life – mobility, independence, health and social care and governance. Bristol can now invest a further £3million into the project.

All four cities will work together to act as future city demonstrators, exhibiting innovative new systems that use technology integration to enhance and improve how the city is experienced by all.


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