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Galaxy Gear Smart Watch Revealed

After months of rumours the Samsung Smart Watch has finally been revealed under the name Galaxy Gear.

The Galaxy Gear will come with a choice of coloured wrist straps, a 1.6 inch LED display, 4GB of storage, a 1.9 megapixel camera and speaker and mic for hands free calls as an alternative to a Bluetooth headset. The battery life is stated to be ‘1 day’, however a note references this with fair useage, suggesting tech addicts could be left timeless with excessive use.

The watch will be compatible with Samsung Android devices but restricted to just that, so iPhone, Android and other OS users won’t be able to connect their devices to the wearable tech. Despite the Galaxy’s dominance in the smartphone and tablet market, this could see demand for the Gear limited.

Initially 70 apps will be available including 10 different clock face options, eBay, Evernote and a variety of fitness related apps.

It’s yet unknown what the demand will be for this latest technology, however those keen to get their hands on a smart watch will be able to get hold of a Galaxy Gear sooner than Apple’s anticipated iWatch which is still to be revealed.

Samsung Galaxy Gear will go on sale on September 25th at the Berlin Ifa Consumer Technology Show and is expected to cost approximately £190.


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