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Getting the Best Data Centre Deal


More and more businesses are turning to data centres to host their systems, storage and backup and more in ‘the cloud’. There is a growing demand for remote storage and this is expected to rise significantly over the coming years as data centre services become more popular with business.

Before you decide on a data centre provider, make sure you’re getting the right package for your business needs both now and in the future by ensuring you tick all of the below boxes…

Does the service meet your requirements?
Aside from storage space data centres will offer to a variety of additional services. Opting for the all singing all dancing package might sound great, but you may not actually require it. Create an honest and true specification and stick to it. If additional services become a requirement then you can always add these at a later date.

Enough space?
Always consider how much data you’re going to need to store in the future, not just now. This doesn’t mean committing to and paying for double the space you need, but it does mean it’s important to enquire about potential expansion. Making a realistic prediction of your businesses future requirements will ensure you use a data centre that can meet the demands of your business.

Checked for single points of failure?
It’s all well and good having a good connection to data centre and good connection to your office, but checking the connection between the two is important to indicate the connection speeds you will get once the connection is up and running.

Measured the temperature?
Checking the data centre has sufficient climate controls is one of the most important measures to take when choosing a data centre. Cooling systems can minimise downtime and outages significantly. Ensure that individual tests have been undertaken on equipment and not just the controls. Taking the temperature yourself might offer some piece of mind too.

Checked the Responsibilities?
Get a document clearly stating the responsibilities of both parties and understand it before you sign. This way in the event of an outage you know whose responsibility it is to get your systems up and running as quickly as possible.


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