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Glasgow to Receive Free Wi-Fi

In line with the Commonwealth Games, Glasgow City Council has said it plans to roll out free Wi-Fi across the city centre, Athlete’s Village and Clyde Gateway.

This campaign is similar to that of Edinburgh announcing it plans to put free Wi-Fi on buses and Trams by the end of 2014.

Glasgow City Council are collaborating with BT on the venture which will see up to 80 new wireless access points installed across the centre by 21st April 2014 through leasing out publically owned street furniture and property.

Although access to the Council’s own website will be free, the scheme will only be available free of charge for the first six months and a monthly subscription is payable to those who wish to continue using the service for more than 30 minutes thereafter.

Gordon Matheson, Leader of the Council has said “delivering a free Wi-Fi network is a key priority of the Council. This would be a first for any Scottish city and it is great to see Glasgow living up to its innovative tradition. If approved by the committee, Glaswegians and our visitors will soon be able to access multimedia information on the city, its events, businesses and services on their devices. This network will play a key role in Glasgow’s transition to becoming a digitally connected, smart city, with all the economic and social benefits that it brings.”


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