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Gmail and Yahoo Creating Unbreakable Encryption

Two of the world’s biggest email providers, Gmail and Yahoo, are working on an encrypted email service, so secure that even the creators can’t break into it.

The system aims to make it impossible for governments and hackers to access personal emails, a feature that has become a globally campaigned for service since the exposure of spying by the NSA opened the worlds eyes to the importance of a fully private email service.

The encryption service will be offered to Gmail and Yahoo email address owners as an optional extra. The PGP encryption will run as a local plug in, meaning users will store their own keys locally. It’s important to remember that the encryption service will hide away the contents of your emails, but the sender and recipient information will not be protected by the encryption and could still be exposed if accessed by the wrong hands.

Google and Yahoo have a collective user count of over half a billion that could opt in to the advanced security feature, which is due to be in place by the end of 2015.


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