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Google to Acquire JetPac

Google has announced that is has brought the smart travel guide app start-up called JetPac for an undisclosed amount.

The JetPac app is a free application that allows users to discover new places and be guided by “local recommendations for over 6,000 cities all around the world, from San Francisco to Kathmandu”.  JetPac works by its users up voting places and images shared through Instagram. It’s algorithm allows users to group specific photos into categories. From these categories, the user can then see where specific people have been spotted; for example, business travellers can search for those in business attire and will be direct to the local areas where they have been photographed. JetPac assumes that if like-minded people are grouped together, you’d have similar traits and so would enjoy similar locations.

JetPac has confirmed the acquisition on its website and has commented that “we look forward to working on exciting projects with our colleagues at Google”. It goes on to say that during the acquisition, they will be “removing Jetpac’s apps from the App Store in the coming days, and ending support for them on 9/15”.

The company started in 2011 after securing a “$2.4 million funding round in 2012, which included investors like Khosla Ventures, Morado Venture partners, and former Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang”.


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