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Google Adwords Targeting Parents

Google Adwords can now be used to target parents for marketing purposes. The new feature allows businesses who use Google Adwords to select the ‘parent’ demographic from an array of attributes such as gender or age.

Although this new feature hasn’t officially been released to the public, trial versions have been issued to a select number of people. Larry Kim the CEO of Wordstream was one of the first people to trial the new version and spoke about it through a LinkedIn post titled ‘Has Google Gone Too Far’? Larry Kim however, isn’t a fan of the new features stating “How far will it go? Political ideologies, maybe,” he suggested, “I mean there’s no limit really to what they could potentially be using.”

Google Adwords is used by a large variety of marketers, many of whom have tried to create their own algorithm to target parents and expectant mothers. have contacted Google and received the following response:

“Interest-based ads on our display network, including parental interests, have been around since 2009. We’ve made some changes to this in the Adwords interface for display campaigns. It uses the same system based on website visitation and users can edit or opt out of these ads on our Ads Settings page. As always, we don’t allow ads to be targeted to sensitive categories like health, race or sexuality.”


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