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Google Encourages Users to Welcome Personal Devices to Work with Google Apps for Business

Google has created ‘Google Apps for Business’ after noticing the increase in people using their own tablets and mobiles at work with the ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) trend.

In a recent Gartner survey, 69% of companies have started to allow their employees to take part in BYOD to encourage employees to be more productive wherever they are. With this in mind, Google has started to develop applications based on Google Apps for Business with added security features for small to medium sized businesses including tools for email, video meetings and file sharing.

Many companies use Google Apps for Business to take advantage of its Gmail storage, mobile email access and security as they can adapt and tailor the interface and connect Google Apps to their existing user directory and authentication system.

Naturally, security is a major concern, but Google Apps for Business users Postini which provides Cloud Computing services for filtering email spam and malware and protects client networks from web malware; however many people are sceptical about the level of security this truly offers a business and how Google will hold all of their data.

Customers of Google Apps for Business can run it on a flexible ‘per-user’ account base or on an annual plan.



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