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Google Buys Titan Aerospace

Google has recently announced that they have heavily invested in the solar-powered drone company Titan Aerospace.

Last month, it was mentioned that Facebook was interested in the 20-person drone that is designed and owned by Titan Aerospace; however Google have now announced that they have brought it for an undisclosed amount. Both Facebook and Google have started investing into companies that produce products designed with the future in mind. Facebook freshly purchased Ascenta, a UK based company that manufactures solar-powered unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) for $20 Million and now Google has done the same with Titan Aerospace.

Whilst the procurement is underway, Google have stripped Titan Aerospace’s website, but have left the following quote “at Titan Aerospace, we’re passionate believers in the potential for technology (and in particular, atmospheric satellites) to improve people’s lives. It’s still early days for the technology we’re developing, and there are a lot of ways that we think we could help people, whether it’s providing internet connections in remote areas or helping monitor environmental damage like oil spills and deforestation. That’s why we couldn’t be more excited to learn from and work with our new colleagues as we continue our research, testing and design work as part of the Google family.”

Titan Aerospace is reported to be developing two insect-like drones with wing-mounted solar panels which power the aircraft to keep it afloat at night when the battery takes over. The aircraft are expected to run for five years and fly at an altitude 12 miles high in the sky.

It is expected that the Titan Aerospace drones main purpose will be to help send the internet to remote locations where they have no connection. When the Titan Aerospace drones fly past, they will provide a current connection up to 1 gigabit per second. With Google on board though, the drones could be outfitted with imaging technology to enhance Google’ products and services e.g. Maps.


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