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Google Chrome Creates Chromebox

Google has added another division to its ever growing company by creating a ‘Chromebox’ for videoconferencing meetings. The Chromebox will feature a 1080p HD camera, a combination mic and speaker and a remote QWERTY keyboard.

The package is priced at $999 with one year of premium-quality HD videoconferencing free. Afterwards, it will cost you $250 a year.

One of the main features which make it stand out against the likes of Cisco and Polycom is its lack of complication. A user can walk into a room with the Chromebox, turn it on and instantly be in the meeting. The device doesn’t require complex dial-in codes, passcodes or leader PINs.

The system operates with Google Hangouts and is interoperable with other companies’ videoconferencing systems (through a Gmail account) and can be used on the move through phones, tablets and laptops.

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