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Google Donates 15,000 Raspberry Pi’s to Schools


Google has announced a new partnership with the micro-computer innovators Raspberry Pi. The partnership will see Google donating 15,000 of the devices, designed to encourage an interest in computer science, to schools across the UK.

The donation is in a bid to get children interested in computer science and coding, the current IT curriculum in schools focus’ on the use of software and not the creation behind it. Seeing the inadequacy in current IT education Raspberry Pi released the single board computer this time last year, although interest from the education sector has been good, the company saw a larger interest from programmers and older computer enthusiasts. This reflected the way IT education at present is preparing or inspiring the next generation of programmers, coders and developers.

The move by Google will aid the shift in IT education currently being seen in the UK, many companies including Microsoft are backing a campaign to overhaul the current software based curriculum. The rate of students choosing to study computer science at higher education has dropped by up to 34% over the last 10 years. Raspberry Pi and Google want to change this.

Working alongside educational coding organisations to distribute the 15,000 donated Pi’s Google and Raspberry Pi want to see a change in the approach schools take to teaching IT and hope the Pi’s will spark an interest in technology innovation with the next generation.


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