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Google Fails to Adhere to EU Privacy Policy

A European Union investigation that took place back in 2012 focusing on online privacy highlighted a number of serious concerns with search giant Google’s policies.

The EU regulator gave Google 12 recommendations to amend its policy to comply with official EU regulations. Four months later and the French regulator CNIL who carried out the original investigation have been dissatisfied with Google’s response.

The issues surrounded the way Google collates and distributes data from searches and websites visited through it various branches. The data is stored and adverts targeted using this browsing data. CNIL made a number of suggestions including reinforcing users consent so users can choose what information is and isn’t stored about them as well as an option to opt out completely of data being gathered. One suggestion made to Google was to adapt its own methods so data is used in a more constructive way, for example to strengthen online security as opposed to for advertising.

The failure to adhere to the requests made by authorities could see legal action being taken.


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