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Email Management Tool Google Inbox Released

Google have unveiled a new email management tool titled Google Inbox which promises to revolutionise the way consumers handle and organise their emails.

Google say the app is ‘built on everything we learned from Gmail’ and is a ‘fresh start that goes beyond email’ to help users get back ‘to what matters’. It does this through a host of features including categorising specific types of emails together to streamline how emails are viewed. The user can create their own bundles or use the template ones provided.

Google Inbox 27.10.14


Another feature of the Google Inbox app is that the key content of specific emails can be shown at a glance on the home page without the user having to open the email in question. This on-the-go feature teams up with the reminder function where users can add their to-do items to the top of their inbox which will work with the Google search to help the user fulfil their requests.

For those that delay reacting to emails or to-do items, the Google Inbox app allows the user to set reminders against items so they are notified at a designated time in the future. When the time set is reached and the user in unable to complete their request, they will be given the option to snooze the activity rather than ignore and delete.

The Google Inbox app runs using the consumers Gmail account and has been designed to ‘fit your life’. To help demonstrate these features, Google have released a promotional video which can be seen here.


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