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Google’s Privacy Policy Remains Unchanged Despite EU Deadline

A year and a half after the EU began an investigation into Google’s Privacy Policy and the case continues.

The investigation began back in 2012 and has been managed by French regulator CNIL who requested a number of changes be made to the Google Privacy Policy and the way that Google handles it’s users data. CNIL set Google a 3 month deadline on June 20th of this year, advising that Google adheres to EU data protection law before this deadline. The points they were advised to address to comply with EU law were

• Define specified and explicit purposes for its policy
• Inform users about the purposes of the processing implemented
• Define retention periods for personal data processed
• Not proceed, without legal basis, with the potentially unlimited combination of users’ data
• Fairly collect and process passive users’ data
• Inform users and then obtain their consent before dropping cookies

Google continues to contest the requests that CNIL have made claiming that their policies already comply with all the required EU laws and therefore hasn’t made any changes as yet. CNIL will now enforce sanctions on Google for failing to meet the requirements.


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