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Government launches Cyber Street to help protect SMEs

A new campaign has been launched by the Government advising SMEs how to get ‘cyber streetwise’ and reduce the number of attacks to their business through the internet. The aim is to provide businesses and the public with the skills and knowledge to take control of their cyber security as more and more mobile devices are being used.

The Government have created this campaign based on their findings from the National Cyber Security Tracker. They discovered that just 44% of people install internet security software on new equipment, 37% download security updates and only 57% of people say they don’t check if websites are secure before purchasing items from them.

Gary Fairley, cyber and digital lead at the Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC), said this could have a significant impact on the companies they worked for stating “there has been a shift in cyber criminals’ attention towards SMEs in the last year or so and it’s important that businesses take the threat seriously.”

Their ‘five essential tips’ to help SMEs secure their business are:

– Install updates and antivirus software
– Use strong passwords
– Only download from trusted sites or organisations
– Beware of phishing emails
– Review and protect your business’ information

For more information, check out the Cyber Street website.

Here at Signal Networks, we can help you with all of these steps and make sure your online presence and IT systems are as safe as possible without jeopardising your companies resources or products.

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