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Hacked Smartphone Camera Could Reveal Your PIN

A program has been developed to follow eye movements through a smart phone camera in order to crack PIN combinations.

The program, named PIN Skimmer analyses users eye movements through the front camera alongside the sound of ‘clicks’ when the user inputs their security code and compares these whilst taking into consideration the orientation of the users hands and the time taken between clicks and eye movements. This data is then analysed to predict the most likely PIN combination.

The program has been developed securely and morally by researchers at the University of Cambridge. Despite the safe environment it has been created in, it is now thought that hackers may try to recreate the program for malicious use.

The PIN Skimmer successfully identified 50% of 4 digit PINs on the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Google Nexus-S Android smartphones and 60% of 8 digit codes.


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