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Hemlis Fully Encrypted Messenger


A group of developers have created what they believe to be the first fully encrypted mobile messenger app.

Hemlis messenger app was fully funded via online donations in just 36 hours and has since made a further 56% ontop of their original £67,000 target. Developers Leif, Linus and Peter can now get to work creating the final version of the app that aims to offer 100% encrypted messaging for Android and iPhone/iPad users.

Hemlis, which translates to ‘Secret’ in Swedish, will provide a service that no government, ISP or third party can access. The Hemlis website uses the domain .is which belongs to Iceland, a nation recognised for their data protection policies.

Unlike other supposedly fully encrypted services like BlackBerry Messenger and iMessage the guys at Hemlis aim to create not just an app that offers private messaging but an entire infrastructure to protect this promise. Companies like Apple and Google have recently been exposed to have been forced to hand over data to government agencies. Whether these exposures prove that data we thought was private actually is, is debatable. Hemlis want to provide privacy with the certainty that data sent across its network is secret, or should we say ‘hemlis’.


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