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Hong Kong’s Cyber Security Centre

The Hong Kong government has strengthened its global resilience against cyber attacks by opening a Cyber Security Centre costing just shy of ¾ of a million pounds.

With the constant threat of sophisticated and elusive attacks on critical systems the technology crime division has invested to protect the nation from threats that could have serious and damaging implications.

The 27 man team will detect and defend against domestic and international cyber-crime. For over a decade Hong Kong has held a CERT, however if it is being fully resourced is up for debate.

Fraud, hacktivism and DDoS attacks are Hong Kongs biggest threats and cost the nation millions of pounds every year. That number is increasing drastically year on year. The new centre aims to detect these costly attacks before they get a grasp, thus saving government and business millions as well as acting as an alarm to warn other vulnerable countries.


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