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How To Speed Up Your Broadband

Most internet connections in the UK still come from an ADSL line. This is a standard telephone line, it is sufficient, but can cause frustrations due to speed.

ADSL is dependent on 100 year old copper telephone wires. Your broadband may well be the fastest, most modern on the market but its delivery method is not.

So what can you do to speed up your broadband connection? Try these three simple steps:

1.       Use the master phone socket for your router

The socket on the wall where your phone line enters the premises is where you will find your master phone socket. Plug your broadband router in here as this socket is the least susceptible to interference.

If your master socket is too far from your computer then plug the router in there and run a network cable from it. Interference will not affect a network cable.


2.       Use a high quality cable

Use the shortest wire possible, usually the one provided with your router. The speed between your router and phone socket can have a huge influence on the speed of your connection.

Interference from other cables and phone can also affect your broadband speed. Keep your phone cable away from other sources of interference.


3.       Scrap the bell wire

The bell wire, also known as the ring wire is an outdated device for when phones required an extra wire to produce the familiar ‘ring ring’. Many lines still have a bell wire, unfortunately the only thing it does these days is cause interference.

Disconnecting the bell wire is a little more time consuming that the first two steps. It will involve removing the front of the phone socket.  Please seek advice before attempting step three!



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