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HP StoreVirtual

HP is replacing it’s old StoreOnce brand of backup systems (P6000 and P4000) and is moving forwards with LeftHand iSCI, which will be branded under the name StoreSomething.

The new storage platform combines Hitachi sourced XP, low end MSA and legacy EVA. The new product in the HP Converged Infrastructure storage portfolio compromises
• 3PAR enterprise block storage
• IBRIX high end scale out storage
• File appliances
• StoreOnce backup
• Both StoreVirtual and StoreEasy

StoreVirtual is HP’s proprietary software-driven iSCSI block and NAS-headed file access array whereas StoreEasy is a similar but Windows Storage Server 2012-driven offering, with both product lines using ProLiant GEn8 servers.


StoreVirtual has been designed as a 3rd generation LeftHand storage array for small to medium sized businesses. Using the latest version 10.0 operating system the product now supports fibre channel access aswell as iSCI, which makes it a potential alternative to EVA.

The StoreVirtual will be made in 2 different spec models, both come in a 1U cabinet. The smaller 4130 offers 4 2.5 inch SAS drives and the larger 4330 a total of 8 drives. Each drive has a capacity of 900GB, meaning the 4330 model offers a maximum capacity of 7.2TB. This is four times larger than the previous model, meaning LeftHand can offer better management and performance than HPs SAN/IQ.
LeftHand operating system code advances mean better multi-threading, faster transmission, active directory integration and support for Windows server 2012. Faster snapshops and replication as well as faster delivery to applications are also advantages.


The StoreEasy product will be offered in 3 models dependent on the business size.
• StoreEasy 1000 – entry-level and for small biz, branch offices and work groups
• StoreEasy 3000 – NAS (filer) head that can front-end 3PAR arrays as well as StoreEasy ones
• StoreEasy 5000 – top-end model offering active-active controller high-availability and which is said to be optimised for Hyper-V.

StoreEasy is a single consolidated platform that can support up to 10,000 users. Securing data on removeable drives by using block optimised deduplication and Windows Bitlocker drive encryption.
To increase network throughput StoreEasy has a cluster feature that provides transparent failover, NIC teaming and multi-channel features. Another great advantage is that software updates are non-disruptive.

The StoreVirtual and StoreEasy products will be tough competition for EMC’s VNX and VNXe systems as well as The VNX2 range, Dell EqualLogic and the NetApps FAS 2000, HDS’ HUS and the imminent StorWise V3700 from IBM.


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