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IE10 for Windows 7

The long awaited Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 is getting closer. Microsoft has hinted that the upgrade will be becoming available within the next month or two.

Ironically this has been suggested by the release a blocker toolkit that blocks the installation of browsers through routine updates. The toolkit keys have been set to prevent IE10 being automatically installed, it can however be put to action manually. This move suggests Microsoft are buying some time for IT admins to ensure the release is compatible with their companies in house web apps.

A preview version of the browser was released back in the autumn, in line with the release of the latest OS, Windows 8, which uses IE10 as default.

Internet Explorer 10 in preview performed well in terms of security but obviously wasn’t quite ready for official release. Older versions poor track record in terms of security and compliance in comparison to other browser options have seen a drop in the number of users using IE as their number one browser. IE10 however has performed well in terms of security, the majority of recent threats haven’t affected IE10 but only older versions. Improvements made to JavaScript and HTML could see IE back in the running as the safe browser choice.

A date hasn’t been announced yet, and Microsoft aren’t giving anything away, simply saying IE10 is ‘expected in 2013’.



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