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IE10 For Windows 7 Has Landed!

After a long wait Microsoft has finally announced that Internet Explorer 10 will become available for Windows 7 users in the coming weeks.

Despite acting as the default browser in computers operating Windows 8 since the autumn, IE10 for Windows 7 has only been available in preview until now. Since its preview version was released back in November developers have been working on the latest version of the original web browser to ensure improved performance, security, reliability and privacy. Earlier versions of Windows won’t support IE10.

With two years development behind it IE10 claims to be 20% faster than its rivals Chrome and Firefox. The long process has created a web browsing program that supports a further 30 new web standards in order to improve performance in HTML5, JavaScript, CSS and DOM.

The browser will be automatically installed on Windows 7 machines through an important update, expected in the next couple of weeks. Customers wanting to continue using IE9 should install the IE10 blocker toolkit which will prevent IE10 being installed during updates.


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