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IE10 for Microsoft Windows 7

The latest version of Internet Explorer 10 has been available to Microsoft Windows 8 users since its preview release back in August. The full version was released just last month, on October 26th.

It was only at the end of last week when the latest version of the browser became downloadable by Microsoft Windows 7 users. Even though the browser is now available, it’s only the preview version. Although only a preview, the version completely replaces the older IE9, suggesting that it is fully ready for use.

It’s unknown why it has taken so long for the browser to become available to Microsoft Windows 7, A recent article did suggest that, “The extra time required for Microsoft Windows 7 may be due to underlying platform differences—Microsoft Windows 8 supports Direct3D 11.1, compared to 11.0 on Microsoft Windows 7, for example. So if Internet Explorer 10 depends on Direct3D 11.1 features, either that dependence has to be removed, or Direct3D 11.1 has to be ported to Microsoft Windows 7.”

The new version complies with web standards as its default mode has Do Not Track enabled.

It’s unknown when the full version will be available to Microsoft Windows 7 but it is expected not to differ that much from the preview version currently being used.


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