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Illegal Network Access for Sale Online

The sale of access to internationally renowned company networks are being offered online for as little as a couple of pounds.

This type of crime is one of the many illegal services available in the underground cyber world. Gaining access to a corporate network give the hacker the ability to send scams and spam as well as acting as a ladder leading to a wider, more sinister hacking.

A hacked server service recently discovered, named ‘Dedicatexpress’ listed 17,000 accessible corporate servers on its website. The site was established in almost 3 years ago; within this time it’s believed that up to 300,000 hacked servers have been available online via the site. Since its exposure the site has become available to members only.

Hackers gaining access to servers which may have little or no value to them can sell on their intelligence through Dedicatexpress. The servers could have been compromised for some time, once the hacker has abused the server they can sell it on to another. The website, though totally immoral, does put a restriction on Paypal, online gambling and dating frauds.

The access available through Dedicatexpress could provide full control over a major corporation’s network. This kind of unlawful authority can give the hacker access to attack machines outside the company network, but in disguise as the established company. Companies are putting themselves at huge risk by not taking simple steps to defend themselves. Not changing default passwords is a classic example of how businesses are leaving the door open to cyber criminals.

Digital crime is naturally sophisticated; the same goods can be sold multiples of times without any deterioration in quality or value. Most similar types of underground sites are run out of Eastern Europe and many provide hackers with a healthy income. One of the priciest services available is the sale of an entire botnet, this will set a hacker back approximately £435. This price however could lead to saleable data and proxies for spamming and phishing attacks with the potential to make huge profit. If an entire botnet is out of budget, they can be hired at an hourly rate of as little as £2. Sending millions of emails would set you back just £6.

The rapid development in the scale and sophistication of cyber crime should be reflected in the level of protection you employ within your business. Take a look Signal Networks security solutions to ensure your network isn’t vulnerable.


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