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InAir Mixes Augmented Reality with Programming and Web Content

A San Francisco based started called InAir combines web content with television programming to create the World’s first augmented TV.

An example of how this works is by the viewer watching a TV show on NASA’s Voyager spacecraft, whilst simultaneously accessing information from the NASA website. It removes the link needed to access this information off multiple devices at the same time.

Using InAir with a 3D television allows the extra online information to float out of the screen towards the viewer while the screen on the set shows the normal show content. The content can be layered and manipulated with hand gestures using the Kinect, Leap Motion or a free app available for iOS and Android devices.

InAir will also come with a software development kit that allows users to develop and expand the product’s capabilities. The InAir experience can be set up through a standard HDMI cable to a TV and Smart TV’s will be able to use their built-in wireless capabilities to access the internet, however it can also be connected separately using an existing Wi-Fi network when operating with a standard TV.

The company is currently seeking backing through Kickstarter where it details further information about the product.


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