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Intel Experiments with Wearable Technology

Intel has announced a partnership with the fashion industry and designers from Barney’s to create the next step in wearable technology following from the trend cemented by Google Glasses.

The company debuted several new products including an audio jack powered smart headset called Jarvis that attaches to one ear, a smart watch capable of geofencing and smart ear buds that measure your heart rate and activity.

Intel will also be running a new $1.3 million prize competition to help move the idea of wearable design into the future. The competition is open to the public to create the best wearable devices.

If wearable technology takes off as much as Intel are expecting, Brian Krzanich (CEO of Intel) has said they will make its McAfee security software free for all mobile devices to allow the “ecosystem to flourish”.

Last year Sony registered a patent against a ‘Smart Wig‘.


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