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Intel i7-3970X

Intel has revealed its latest high performance Extreme Edition Processor.

The i7-3970X for desktops will feature –

• Six cores and 3 threads for hyper threading support
• Base clock speed of 4GHz
• 15MB of cache
• 64GB RAM
• 4 DDR3-1066-1333-1600 memory channels
• Bandwidth of 51.2GB/s
• 32 Nanometer process
• Thermal Design Point of 150watts

The i7-3970X acts as the desktop equivalent of the i7-3920XM, designed for laptops that was released earlier this year.

Intel has also released its enthusiast class LGA 2011 motherboard DX79SR, named Stormville. Stormville offers a full board of controls targeted for performance tuning and overclocking and is based on the X79 express chipset. The board boasts 3 PCIe 3.0 x16 slots along with 8 DIMM slots. These will support the overclocked DDR3-2400 memory. The full 64GB offered is warned to require an advanced knowledge of BIOS and memory tuning in order to achieve. Intel does however warn that altering clock frequency many compromise system stability.

No official release date has been announced for the latest versionof the third generation i7 processor.


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