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Intel Set to Target Schools with Their New Notebook Tablet

Intel has recently launched two new designs tailor made at the education sector. The designs are outfitted with peripherals and software created specifically for educators. This fits in with Intel’s ‘Classmate PC’ collection first launched in 2007 when Intel joined the One Laptop Per Child program.

The notebook ‘Clamshell EF10MI2’ uses Intel’s Celeron N2805 and N2806 processors whilst the tablet ‘ECS TR10CD1’ uses a 1.2-GHz Z2520 ‘Clover Trail+’ Atom platform and runs on Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system (although a Windows 7 and Linux version is also planned.)

John Galvin, Vice President of the Sales and Marketing group at Intel and General Manager of the World Ahead Program said “education leaders everywhere are passionate about driving student achievement and encouraging lifelong learning. At Intel, we believe the right technology can be transformative. That’s why we are focused on designing tools that bring learning to life, helping to make students more engaged. The result is a future where people have the skills they need for opportunity and growth.”


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