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Invincible Sapphire Displays

Cracked screens cost consumers, insurance companies and manufacturers a fortune every year. So how would all three parties react to the possibility of a virtually invincible screen?

The latest word on the display street is that unbreakable screens could be the next big thing. Tech companies are working on developing sapphire displays which will provide users with crack, smash and scratch proof screens. Sapphire, the strongest natural material after diamond can be mass produced at a cost of approximately £20 per display, a significant increase on the current £2 Gorilla Glass, cheap but breakable. But would consumers be willing to splash a little extra cash for the guarantee of a screen for life?

Current developments are seeing companies working on producing ultra thin sapphire sheets at a cost that could be reflected reasonably in the consumer market. Engineers are aware that sapphire displays will never come at a cost that gorilla glass displays do, but the aim is to be able to offer a super strong sapphire displays at 3 or 4 times the cost of the current £2.

Research shows that a large proportion of consumers would be happy to pay a slightly enhanced rate for a sapphire display that prevents screen breakages.


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