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iOS6 Exchange Flaw Fixed

A patch has been released by Apple to fix an issue found in devices running iOS6.

The flaw was found in calendars synced to an Exchange server. It affected the network activity of the device, in hand this caused heightened battery use. The flaw caused excessive logging on iPhones, iPads and iPod devices running the iOS 6 operating system.

The rolling of the exchange patch came quickly, considering Apple users are still awaiting a fix for a compromise that allow the lock screen to be bypassed without a correct security code. This flaw was discovered and published on youtube at the end of January.

Apple has encountered a number of issues with it’s iOS 6 since the beginning of this year, including a flaw that made the iPhone 4S practically unusable as a phone, losing the ability to make calls, send texts or browse the internet.

When the fix for the screen lock issue will be released has not been announced, but developers are currently working on the problem.


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