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iOS6 Passcode Hack

A video posted on Youtube almost a month ago that explains how to unlock an iPhone without a passcode has come to the attention of hackers and pranksters alike.

iPhones running iOS6 can be unlocked using a sequence of swipes in order to access a number of applications. The trick gave direct access to the address book which not only allowed for calls to be made and voicemails accessed, but in turn lead to text messages and emails being able to be sent.

A small saving grace is that in this instance the home button becomes void, so only apps accessible via the phone book are available. Unfortunately this is a number of communications apps, and with full access to the address book of the device, all contacts can be contacted via a number of routes.

The video was posted on Youtube last month but only hit the radar in last day or two. The author explains how to access the iOS6 devices without using the protected password set by the owner. The creator also captioned the video, “For pranking your friends, for a magic show. Use it as you want, at your own risk, but please do not use this trick to do evil”. Unfortunately the level of coverage may see the trick being used in a negative and criminal manner.

The trick was originally reported to work on iOS6.01 devices but many have claimed that iOS6.02 is also susceptible.


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