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iOS7 Images Leaked

A popular Apple news site has revealed images of what to expect from the imminent new operating system, iOS7.

Screenshots were leaked that rumoured to show images of the new OS. The screenshots could not be published, however somebody did get to work quickly replicating the images of the icons to show the public what might be in store for the next operating system version.


The leak shows Apple appears to have adopted a much cleaner, simple icon design by losing the shading behind the app icons, as well as a number of apps receiving a complete makeover, including photos and game centre.

Another big change visible from the screenshots was within the signal bar, which no longer takes the shape of a 45 degree angle, but appears as a simple straight line.

IOS7 signal

The sneak peek can’t be taken as a definitive preview of iOS7, however it does give us a clue as to what visual changes we can expect to see. The official answers may however become clearer as the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2013) commences in San Francisco this evening.


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