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iPhone 5S Rumours Suggest August Release

Rumours have begun to fly regarding the next big release from Apple, the iPhone 5S. Blogs and reports have started to appear online suggesting the iPhone 5S could be hitting the high street as soon as August this year.

Although no official comments or announcements have been made by Apple, many are suggesting that the Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn have begun producing the latest phone. Reports are saying that the 5S will use the same design at the original iPhone 5 but with many expected and improved features such as an advanced processor and higher spec camera.

Another rumour to hit the web is the talk of a second, lower cost iPhone. Again Apple have made no official comment or announcement that suggests or backs this up.

A few blogs appeared back in January suggesting that the 5S would be with us by June or July, however the volume of exposure over the August date suggests August isn’t just a rumour.


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