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iPhone 5S Security Concerns


1 week after the launch of the iPhone 5S and already concerns over its latest fingerprint reading technology have been raised, not only by users but US government officials too.

Already websites have appeared offering rewards of up to $10,000 for anyone who manages to hack into a fingerprint protected iPhone 5S.

US senator Al Franken, who is heavily involved in the privacy, technology and law judiciary in the states has contacted Apple CEO Tim Cook to express concerns over the security of the new high tech feature. His concerns lie with the privacy of data held within the iPhone, how easily this can be accessed, replicated and used and the legalities behind the technology.

Franken explained that by stealing a fingerprint the hacker could go on to impersonate the victim forever, in the event of a breach, a fingerprint password cannot be changed. His concerns also surrounded how easily a hacker could gain access to personal data through either the chip within the device or through a physical form, i.e. a fingerprint lifted from the handset itself. He also questioned where the fingerprint is stored, who has access to it and where it has the potential to end up, in the hands of a 3rd party for example. The legalities behind this are thus far unclear.

Apple is expected to respond within the next month.


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