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Is 2013 the year of the Telephony Cloud?

The benefits of using cloud telephony and unified communication solutions are becoming increasingly more acceptable in business.

When interviewed, 80% of Network Managers agreed they can see the economical and practical benefits of moving functions to the cloud. The percentage of users who said they would move to a cloud based option is up 12% from last year and a mere 4% said they would point blank not move to the cloud for telephony and UC communications.

Even though the majority response was positive, still less than half of businesses offer access to UC applications from home and on the go.

What this shows is that businesses are open and keen to move to the cloud, but many, as of yet, haven’t adopted it, despite offering immense flexibility and lowering costs. The percentage rise of positive responses this year compared to last do show that cloud based solutions are taking off. Is 2013 going to be the year of the telephony cloud?


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