IT Security

IT Security

Todays businesses are increasingly reliant on the internet for day to day operations, downtime and potential damage to your online presence can cause loss of productivity, loss of revenue, brand damage, and reputation.

Bristol and London based IT support company Signal Networks helps with your Network IT Security issues, Penetration Testing Security Operations Centre Vulnerability Assessment Web Application Testing Managed Firewall Solution Content Filtering Two Factor Authentication Incident response Intrusion Detection Endpoint Analysis and threat prevention Unified Security Management

Signal Networks IT Security services, incident response service and managed Security operations centre (SOC)  can help test and protect your perimeter network from the online dangers, misconfiguration and known exploits which are exploiting servers online. Our incident response and endpoint analysis can help discover a hidden breach and mitigate against further infection.

We can provide penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, web application testing, firewall assurance, network perimeter audits, content filtering, two factor, incident response services and endpoint analysis and threat prevention.

We will work together with your IT team to review your networks current security structure and identify vulnerabilities to produce a detailed report on our findings.

How Signal Networks can improve your company’s network security position


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