Endpoint Threat Detection

If companies don’t ensure their data and that of their clients or employees is secure, they could face large financial penalties from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and leave themselves open to attacks from hackers.

Since the ICO began, they have seen a steady rise in the amount of data breaches reported. The majority of endpoint breaches they conveyed occurred due to human error. Unfortunately for IT Managers and businesses, human error can bypass most automatically configured security protocols leaving a network open to unknown misuse. This could be something as simple as a user plugging in a malicious USB on their computer through to an employee enabling their emails on their personal phone, which could easily be lost or stolen.

Endpoint Threat Detection

With Signal Networks Endpoint Threat Detection program, we can dramatically reduce your probability of a data breach due to human error. There are five main methods we use by working in partnership with you to configure this:

  1. Visibility- know what’s happening on every device connected to the network in real time
  2. Detection- notice any potential attacks or attempts to access your data at any given moment
  3. Prevention- incorporate proactive and customisable measures to prevent any intrusions
  4. Response- record the history of any attacks to view the full kill chain
  5. Interrogation- cross-examine your network against known tactics with end-to-end protection against advanced threats

Should a user unknowingly create a potential data breach through endpoint access, we can securely lock down their device and temporarily disable their access to the whole network. This provides your organisation with the time and confidence to view the whole situation and repair as needed before any damage can be done.

Our IT Consultants and Security Experts have proven experience configuring and tailoring Endpoint Threat Detection programs for many of our clients. Programs can be personalised to any organisation and can work side-by-side with existing protocols and services.


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